Managing risk is an important part of every business and personal financial plan.  At every stage in life, we face a variety of risks that can have a lasting impact on our long-term success and ability to achieve our most important financial goals.

We take pride in the fact that our office is independent – we advocate for our clients, not a specific company or product.  Our goal is to help clients understand how insurance solutions can work to manage risk and where they fit in the bigger picture.

Life Insurance

Life insurance has many unique characteristics that can provide an appropriate solution for a variety of challenges.  The flexibility offered by many of today’s products create an opportunity to address a wide range of personal, business, and charitable goals.

Individuals typically want coverage to replace lost income to a surviving spouse, pay off debts, and pre-fund college expenses.  Cash value insurance can also be used during life to supplement retirement income with unique tax advantages.

Businesses generally obtain coverage to insure key employees, provide funding for business agreements, offer an additional employee benefit, or pay off debts.

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Disability Insurance

A person’s ability to work and generate income is one of their most valuable assets throughout the working years.  Without it, many financial goals can become unattainable.  Insurance solutions offer a way to protect a portion of your income in the event of an injury or illness.

For individuals, coverage is all about protecting the future goals and lifestyle of you and your family.

For business owners, disability solutions add a valuable benefit that provides you and your employees with greater peace of mind.

Long-Term Care Insurance

One of the greatest risks to enjoying a successful retirement is an unexpected health event that requires care over an extended period of time.  In fact, it’s one of the leading causes of bankruptcies in the US today.

The long-term care industry has evolved significantly in recent years to offer clients greater options and flexibility at a reasonable cost.  Care coordination services can also be added to reduce the administrative burden on your loved ones. Insurance solutions can provide leverage to help cover the cost of care, allowing you to keep more of your retirement savings for future retirement and legacy goals.