Marc Cadin and Armstrong Robinson

Wed. June 24 | 12:30 PT

COVID = Accelerant for Change

AALU/GAMA’s Marc Cadin and Armstrong Robinson examined developing political trends and what financial professionals should expect through election day. They also explored the long-term impact of recent regulatory and legislative actions and identified the top opportunities and threats these regulations will generate for financial professionals in 2021.

Marc Cadin – AALU + GAMA

Every day, Marc Cadin wakes up and thinks about how he can better serve the financial security advisor and broader profession.

As CEO of AALU/GAMA, he is the chief advocate and spokesman for advisors who offer financial security to 75 million American families. AALU’s Mission is to advocate of behalf of it’s members, who provide financial and retirement security to the American people.

Armstrong Robinson – AALU + GAMA

Armstrong leads AALU/GAMA’s legislative and policy shop. Working for Members of Congress and for Clients, he has developed astute game-plans including coalitions, communications, legislative and political strategies for positively affecting outcomes. Armstrong’s work ethic and honesty are respected inside and outside Washington.